The Beauty of Data Analytics

What is data?Well you and I can define data in several different ways but i’m sure at the end of the day we both agree that it is some form of information.

I’m sure all of us during some course of our educational career or our professional career have witnessed data in some form or the other being used to perform a variety of tasks.

The next question we ask ourselves is,how do we put the data into good use?At this point let me introduce a wonderful scheme called analytics.Yes,Data Analytics is the need of the hour.Several Businesses  rely on analytics to improve their profit making capability.

Using high-performance data mining, predictive analytics, text mining, forecasting and optimization on big data enables you to continuously drive innovation and make the best possible decisions.




Is it just me or does anyone  feel the game has gone to dogs in the recent past? Has glitz,glamour,arrogance,money etc taken over what once upon a time used to be a “GENTLEMAN’S GAME”??.The recent spot fixing scandal that unfolded seems to be highlighting all of the points mentioned above.

Why do such talented players indulge in such cheap activity?Are they not paid enough?I don’t think so.Right from flight tickets to checking  them in  at 5 star hotels,everything is taken care of.Some of these guys are paid more than what they actually deserve.

Sadly enough  this has been going on for a long long time and just when we were about to watch the games with genuine interest, this  is what we are rewarded with, the headlines on TV reading “3 CRICKETERS CAUGHT FOR SPOT FIXING” .Are these guys trying to rip off people?some people spend a fortune to catch a glimpse of one cricket match and is this what they deserve?The board as usual seems to be turning a blind eye towards all this thinking that one day all will be forgotten.

Well, if this this the direction that they are heading in,then god save Indian cricket.Personally i feel if superstars in the form of a  Rahul Dravid or a Sachin Tendulkar hadn’t emerged , the game would have died a long time ago in this country.Thanks to them , the sport here is still alive and kicking .Well, i hope that the same excitement and fervor is got back in the game that we all still love and practically call our own.


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